Sunday, October 25, 2020

PEB Technology Platform




Princeton Enduring Biotech (PEB or PE Biotech) is focused on developing innovative bispecifc antibody therapeutics – the next generation of monoclonal antibody therapeutics, with increased efficacy, favored pharmacokinetics and unique capability to recruit and redirect immune effector cells to kill the cancer cells for cancer immunotherapy.

Comparing with competitor’s technologies, our DSP-BsAb technology has the advantages of:

1.    No manufacturing hurdle typically encountered by competitors in manufacturing traditional bispecific antibodies and their derivatives.

2.    Inherent structure flexibility that can be tailored to different antigen targets

3.    Favored pharmacokinetics and toxicity profile

4.    Potentially better efficacy for solid tumor treatment due to improved tumor penetration

5.    Plug and play technology platform for quick drug development