Sunday, October 25, 2020

Management Team



Princeton Enduring Biotech (PEB or PE Biotech) has assembled a world-class management team with expertise in new drug development. With proven credentials and scientific achievements, PEB's management team brings the passion and commitment to developing next generation of antibody therapeutics for cancar immunotherapy.

Sam Liu, Ph.D, Founder and CEO

Dr. Liu has 17 years of pharmaceutical industry experience working for Bristol-Myers, Belrose Pharma and Enzon Pharmaceuticals in the fields of monoclonal antibody, single chain antibody and protein polymer conjugation.  He has successfully led a team of scientists to develop and commercialize two PEGylated protein drugs. Sam also played a leading role in numerous protein drug development projects and successfully brought two drug candidates into clinical trials. Sam holds a Ph.D from Pennsylvania State University.  

David Wu, MS / MBA, Founder and COO

David has over 25 years of drug development and manufacturing experience in pharmaceutical industry, working for Jonson & Jonson, Belrose Pharma, Enzon Pharmaceuticals and Kanasco. He co-authored close to 40 granted patents, patent applications and scientific publications. Over his career, David has played many leading roles in drug candidate development and commercialization and has experience of managing a team of B.S. M.S. PhD scientists in numerous early stage drug developments, cGMP production and technology transfers. David holds M.S in chemistry from Catholic Universilty of America  and MBA in finance from Montclair State University. 

Yvonne Wen, Ph.D, CSO

Dr. Wen has 15 years of professional experience in academics specialized on cancer research.  Her expertise in cancer research and treatment cover a broad area, including early phase clinical trial studies, tumor biology, systems biology, tumor immunology, redox imaging, biomarker discovery, etc.  As a NIH grant investigator, Dr Wen has successfully developed multiple projects centered on mechanisms of immunosuppression in tumor initiation and progression. More recently, Dr Wen’s innovative researches have been focused on therapeutic resistance of checkpoint blockade – a cancer research frontier that could lead onco-immunotherapy to a new era. Dr. Wen holds a Ph.D from Pennsylvania State University.

Howard Chen, Ph.D, Founder and CBO

Dr. Chen has many years of management experience in financial industry. As a head of marketing department in Bank of America, he was responsible for developing and expanding financing market for the company. As a VP in CiTi bank, his responsibility was to control the investment risk for the company. He is also the founder of Princeton Optimization Investment. Howard holds a Ph.D from John Hopkins University.