Sunday, October 25, 2020

About Princeton Enduring Biotech




Princeton Enduring Biotech, Inc. (PEB or PE Biotech) is an early stage drug development biotech company that utilizes its advanced DSP-BsAb technology to create proprietary immunotherapeutic medicines as well as synergistic therapeutics to treat diseases such as cancers.  

Cancer immunotherapy was named “Breakthrough of the Year 2013” by one of the world’s leading scientific journals “Science” in 2014. It also was listed as one of eight disruptive technologies in 2013 by Goldman Sachs, projecting a $10-15 billion market by 2025 in the treatment of melanoma, lung and renal cancers alone. Although the technology currently is still in its infancy, the fantastic clinical results from a few approved drugs attract huge Wall Street venture capitals as well as big pharmas into the field.

Cancer immunotherapy is based on the immune system's ability to recognize tumor-associated antigens and mediate a highly specific cytolytic attack on tumor cells. Recently, scientists at PEB have developed the DSP-BsAb technology platform to produce a bispecific antibody for cancer immunotherapy and filed the patent in US. With this technology platform, PEB has developed bispecific antibody drug candidate PEB-108 for proof of concept.  The in-vitro cell experiment data clearly showed that drug candidate PEB-108 was able to recruit and redirect immune T cells to effectively kill the cancer cells. In-vivo animal experiment demonstrated that half-life of the drug candidate PEB-108 was at least fifty times longer than FDA approved competitor’s drug. All these experimental data strongly support and validate our technology platform. We intend to commercialize our technology independently and / or through strategic alliances with our potential partners.

PEB's business strategy is: utilizing clinical proven technology as a tool, employing clinical validated drug as an archetype, using minimum capital with minimum risk to develop IP protected, first-class bispecific antibody therapeutics to treat cancers or other diseases.